Macro Recorder

p1Macro Recorder is one of the best macro programs for Windows. It is described as a powerful automation tool, which converts macros to EXE files and so on. Its features are easy to use and one can create the macros with no need of any programming skills. The user interface is designed in such a manner that it is a straightforward one. One can use the macro recorder in short interval of time and just select the option of record with the help of mouse and start working. In order to save the space and also to improve the performance, the resulting EXE file is compressed by using several advanced optimization techniques.

The user can find several images on the screen and notification will be automatically received when the window changes its position. The greatest benefit is that it always comes with an integrated scheduling. It can also be edited with the aid of a built-in featured editor. In simple words, we can say that this recorder is used to automate any activity in any windows application, record on-screen tutorials. If the user feels that that trial period is short then it can extend also for their convenience.