Mouse macros

Wired-Gaming-Macro-Definition-Mouse-LED-3500DPI-6-Buttons-Gamer-Mice-for-PC-Desktop-LaptopThe macro program for the Windows is not just a mouse recorder or a keyboard recorder but it is an automation tool, which is a powerful one that can playback the tasks in an indefinite manner. Mini mouse macro is one of the forms of small macro automation software, which is a portable one. Because of the portability factor it does not any kind of installation process and hence one can simply add the executable file in a user defined file located in the hard disk and execute it from that locality.

One can also save the program on a media storage device such as USB flash disk so that it can work on any system without any installers. It also does leave any traces because there is no any attachment of fresh entries to the start menu. The user can view the time, coordinates and also define the action and also the animation can be viewed once the macro is played. One can also save the macros to a file and can also change the speed and create the scripts. The greatest advantage is that a mouse macro consumes very less memory and also responds very fast.